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So you’re thinking about getting started on Niteflirt and you feel like you’ve got a ton of questions and you’ve got no one to ask. Fret no more. My name is Robin and I’ve been on Niteflirt since 2008. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have. Below is a list of questions I’ve been asked before along with their answers.

How & When did I get started?

I started doing phone sex in 1998 in a large call center. The interview was unlike any other. They asked some questions about my knowledge of domination and my comfort level talking about it. I told them I was familiar and comfortable talking about all aspects of BDSM. In a time before internet, it wasn’t as popular as it is now. For the next part of the interview, they put me on the phone. It was my first time having phone sex. The call was 28 minutes long and I enjoyed it. I got the job on the spot. In 2008, I went independent and started working from home and in 2009 I started doing cam.

How is working in a call center different from working from home?

The call center took care of the entire business side of things. All I had to do was show up and talk dirty. Even if no calls came in, I still got an hourly rate. There are still dispatch companies that work via internet. They set the hours and have rules you have to follow. You don’t get much choice about which types of calls you get to take. You have to take them all. Some people prefer having someone else do their writing, marketing and advertising. Others prefer the independence of doing all that themselves. Working for myself, I had to learn about marketing, networking, HTML coding, site building and advertising. When the phone doesn’t ring, I don’t get money. There is no hourly wage.
Back in the 90s when I first started doing phone sex, the thought of seeing the person you were talking to was science fiction. Now, people expect to see me.

Did the call center have a training department?

Yes it did and I was part of it for five years. A large part of my job was helping new girls feel more comfortable about working at a job in the sex industry. I also educated new hires about the names of certain toys and activities. I also helped the talkers get information from callers that would help enhance the experiences of both the caller and the talker. That’s what they called us, Talkers. My job title was Talker Representative. Just as it sounds, I was a liason between management and staff.

What are some general business tips for someone getting started?

Set aside some space, away from everything and everyone else at home to call your office space. Even though we work from home, it’s still important to establish a daily routine.
Don’t believe the urban myth about getting rich quick. Just because you’re available doesn’t necessarily mean you’re phone is going to ring off the hook. The amount of money to be made is in direct proportion with the effort you put in with time and marketing. New flirts get a lot of calls because guys always want to check out the new girl. But sustaining a steady income takes effort. Business itself can be unpredictable, but the effort you put in should not be.

How important is my screen name?

Your screen name is very important. Your name should be the same across all media platforms. On the internet, people will recognize your name and face across different sites. If someone is looking for you, they can find you by typing your name in a search box. Over time, your name develops a media presence.

What is marketing and how do I do it?

Marketing includes everything you do. I am still surprised at the unexpected ways marketing works. We do marketing without even realizing we’re doing it.
In my experience, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on advertising. Social networks are wonderful for marketing. People get to see who you are and what you’re about before picking up the phone. Some people spread themselves all over a bunch of sites, while others (like me) just focus on one or two.

How do I get my listings in one of the top spots?

To get your listing featured, you have to place a bid. The bid you place determines where your listing will be placed. Once you place a bid, you will pay the amount you bid for every click made by qualified customers (those with a valid credit or debit card).

What’s up with all the one minute calls?

It could be anything.
When you’re new and they don’t know what you sound like, they want to hear more than the brief introduction from the audio line up. Maybe they’re nervous, maybe they popped while they were waiting on hold, who knows? Let’s not try to figure out cock logic. We just aren’t equipped to do that. I still get the occasional one minute call. It happens to everyone. It’s frustrating, I know, but don’t worry too much about those guys. We probably wouldn’t enjoy talking to each other anyway. I’m well aware that no one can please everyone. I know my niche and I’m confident with it.

Would I recommend doing it?

Yes I would but I wouldn’t want anyone to think that just because they make themselves available the phone is going to ring. This isn’t away to sit at home and get rich quick. There is some work involved. But I enjoy it. Generally speaking, I have fun on my calls.
The caller can tell the difference between someone who’s having fun and someone who’s just going through the motions. When you’re having fun, the caller is happy and a happy caller is a repeat customer.

There’s a stigma around sex work. What do you tell people you do?

I suggest that if you need to use a cover story, make it something you know a little about. Personally, my story to the ‘nilla world is that I design websites. There have been a few times when someone wanted a website done and I was able to do it.
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Be consistent with who you are (your name), what you do (your persona)
and when you do it (your schedule).
Keep the promises you make.
Be patient while building client base.
Marketing includes everything we do.
Have fun on your calls.

Robin Wildheart 9/2/16
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